Meet Ivan

Hello there! I'm Ivan, a passionate designer with a flair for creating engaging and intuitive digital experiences. But that's not all there is to me. When I'm not immersed in the world of design, you can find me exploring new destinations, as travel fuels my creativity and broadens my perspective. I'm also a pop music enthusiast, finding rhythm and inspiration in the latest hits. For a dose of fun and strategy, I dive into the world of online gaming, especially League of Legends, where I enjoy the thrill of competition and teamwork. My diverse interests not only keep me balanced but also continuously feed into my creative work, bringing a unique blend of experiences and insights to everything I do. Welcome to my portfolio, where design, adventure, music, and gaming intersect!

Awards and Honors

  • 2018 Featured at Worldwide Gallery
  • 2018 Featured RGD at Registered Graphic Designer Association / Toronto
  • 2016 Creative Quarterly Illustration (Professional) Runner Up CFE 43 / International
  • 2016 Applied Art - Photography & Illustration Awards / Toronto
  • 2015 Creative Quarterly Illustration (Professional) Runner Up CFE 41 / International
  • 2015 Creative Quarterly 39 Award of Excellence - Illustration / International
  • 2015 Illustration (Professional) Winner of Creative Quarterly CFE 39 / International
  • 2014 Graphic Design Winner on Creative Quarterly CFE 36 Runner Up / International
  • 2014 Creative Quarterly 35 Award of Excellence - Graphic Design / International
  • 2014 Graphic Design Winner on Creative Quarterly CFE 35 / International
  • 2014 RGD (Registered Graphic Designer Association) Student Award Finalist / Toronto

More about me


  • Starting my day with a cup of coffee, enjoying my night with a glass of beer
  • Traveling between the cities and explore the nature with my cameras
  • Attending design events and networking with talents
  • Educating the young designers not losing themselves

What I am listening to

Boyce Avenue - One Life

Travis Atreo - Somehow

YOASOBI - The brave

Ai Otsuka - 甘えんぼ

What I am watching to

Midnight Diner-Tokyo

Inside the mind of a cat


Weathering with you