Finnovate, a Toronto-based technology company, assigned a game UI/UX design project to improve the user experience of their client's gaming platform. The objective was to create an engaging and intuitive interface that would enhance the overall gaming experience for their users.


UI Designer

Team Developers


1 week

Game background

Following a catastrophic microbe outbreak that ravaged a region, scientists have salvaged essential DNA fragments, vital for potential life form repopulation. Players are charged with reconstructing these incomplete DNA strands to pinpoint life forms suitable for regeneration, racing against time as the DNA is susceptible to deterioration. Yet, vigilance is paramount, as the lethal microbe responsible for the initial devastation might lurk within these samples. Upon detection, swift action is crucial to halt its spread and guarantee containment, adding a layer of urgency and caution to the mission.

App icons and UI kit

User flow

UI kit

Suggested UI and color combination

Phase 2

Phase 3

Final refinement