Expressive Typography

Sometimes, my emotions find their unique voice through the customization of typefaces on the artboard, turning each letter into a deeply personal artifact of expression. In these creative sessions, the subtle manipulation of curves, strokes, and spacing in typefaces becomes a form of emotional alchemy, transforming standard fonts into bespoke expressions of my innermost feelings. Each customized letter acts as a nuanced symbol, weaving together a silent narrative that resonates with the complexities of my mood. This process is not just about design; it's a cathartic journey, where the artboard becomes a confidant and customized typography, a language through which my unspoken emotions are both revealed and understood.

As we navigate this thing called life, we stroll through a diverse landscape of interactions, evolving from the innocence of childhood to the complexities of adulthood. Along the way, these experiences weave together like a mosaic, quietly shaping the intangible but powerful entity we fondly call memories. Think of these fragments as intertwining wires, coming together to create a reflection that is truly unique to each of us.

Think of these fragments as the intricate blood vessels coursing through our human body. They're the life force that keeps us anchored in the present, propelling us forward on our journey toward the future.

I find myself often questioning where my focus lies – whether it's on my career, family, income, or lifestyle. However, there was this one time when I was caught in the rain, making my way back home. Once again, I had that inner conversation with myself. Strangely, I couldn't pinpoint the answer. It felt like I might be a bit out of focus, but oddly enough, I found comfort in simply savoring the beauty of that rain-soaked moment.

Lately, I've developed a deep love for honey, ranging from organic honey to manuka honey. Having a spoonful every day brings so much joy to my day. I find myself daydreaming about how honey drips from the comb, a beautiful representation of the teamwork and high-quality products created by bees. 
At times, we tend to focus solely on the end results, overlooking the beauty inherent in the journey, especially in a work setting. It's easy to forget that nothing happens in the blink of an eye, and the essence of who we are is crafted by the everyday experiences we accumulate in our lives.

Back in my childhood, I embarked on a daily origami adventure. Each delicate fold served as a reminder that I was crafting something extraordinary out of a simple sheet of white paper. I delved into the realm of paper planes, sailed the seas with paper boats, and even dabbled in the art of paper shuriken. The quest was clear: discover ways to infuse them with uniqueness and transform them into distinct designs. The simple objective was to birth something entirely novel, a creation untouched by anyone before.

This routine of origami became a cornerstone in shaping my mind and fostering creativity from my early years into adulthood. Even now, occasionally, I find myself rediscovering the art of origami, a playful exercise to realign my creative perspective and perceive the world through a different view.

I've always found it amusing when people proudly flaunt their impeccable accuracy in different tasks. For me, the essence of accuracy isn't a simple measure; it's a blend of three essential factors: experience, goals, and talent. It's like a secret recipe where the richness of our past encounters, the direction set by our aspirations, and the inherent abilities we bring to the table all converge to create our accuracy percentage. It's not just about hitting the mark; it's about navigating the intricate dance between what we've learned, where we're headed, and the unique skills we possess. The magic truly happens at that sweet spot where these elements intertwine, shaping the true nature of our accuracy in everything we do.

Typically, I steer clear of doing design work for friends and family. It can potentially lead to discomfort or disagreements that might strain the relationship, influenced by various external factors. The only time I made an exception was when I extended an invitation to a friend I feared I might not meet again due to the distance between us. Since the unusual became a one-time norm, I personalized the Chinese characters "請柬 (Invitation)" based on their favorite colors, crafting a simple design that aligned with their expectations.
Now, if someone were to ask me if I'd be up for doing it again, my response would be a tentative "Maybe." It all hinges on whether the person thinks this is something that can be whipped up in five minutes or not.

Back in the day, we used to play hide and seek with friends in the playground, those carefree times of childhood. Little did we know that growing up would involve a different kind of hide and seek—a game played not in the playground but in the harsh reality of life.

Now, it's not about seeking our buddies behind the swings; it's about navigating through hidden facts, chasing elusive opportunities, uncovering truths we need to know, and managing potential risks in various life events or changes. It's all concealed, and sometimes, we're just not clued in until life decides to reveal its hand.