Into The Nature

This design project is something personal I pursued during the pandemic, right after relocating to Calgary, Alberta. For over 20 years, I called the bustling city of Toronto my home, surrounded by towering condos and busy streets filled with life. Just before the pandemic shifted, I decided to venture to a new city I had never been before.

The surprise came when I found myself amidst nature's embrace. Exploring this new area, I stumbled upon countless breathtaking places. I found myself engaging in activities that were entirely new to me. Outdoor adventures became more than just a pastime; they became moments to cherish, allowing me to appreciate the details that slipped by in the hustle of Toronto life.

Honey Bee - Bees are remarkable creatures, often underestimated for their size but carrying immense importance in our ecosystem. Their tireless work involves buzzing between flowers, pollinating, and aiding the growth of numerous plants and crops. This essential role not only supports life's cycle but also contributes significantly to the vibrant array of colors and scents that grace our surroundings. In addition to their role in pollination, bees showcase incredible engineering skills, constructing elaborate hives with precision and teamwork. Their well-organized and hardworking society demonstrates a deep sense of community and purpose. Despite their small stature, bees serve as a powerful reminder of how even the smallest beings can profoundly impact our world, showcasing the interconnectedness of all living things. 

This illustration holds a special place in my heart; it's a powerful symbol of the profound connection between humans and bees in our world. To me, it's not just a picture; it's a constant reminder of the deep bond we share with these incredible creatures. I guess you could say I'm a "bee-liver" because I genuinely believe in this connection and the immense impact these tiny beings have on our lives and the world around us. It's a beautiful reminder of the harmony and interdependence we have with nature—a relationship that I find truly remarkable and always worth celebrating.Are you a bee-liver? 

Tree Hugger - This hits close to home because it mirrors what I witness every day. The city skyline keeps changing, dominated by these high-rise condo buildings, and it feels like nature's getting edged out little by little. More buildings mean more demand for wood, leading to forests being cleared to accommodate our urban expansion. Even though there are protected national parks, life in a busy modern city often means missing out on the simple joy of wandering through a genuine forest. Discovering that peaceful sanctuary amidst the bustling concrete landscape where I live is a true rarity.

I am walking in the forest and breathing in the fresh, clean air instead of the usual city pollution. I met some other people hiking there, who looked so happy surrounded by nature. Seeing their smiles made me stop and think about what real happiness is all about. Magical moments like these, when we're all in nature together, remind me of the best things in life. The illustration symbolizes freedom and the things we hold dear.

Explorer - During my time in Calgary, I made sure to explore breathtaking spots like Banff, Lake Louise, and Jasper National Park. I've always cherished nature, but those road trips introduced me to the awe-inspiring mountains and encounters with wild animals, leaving me completely astonished. It was a whole new world for me, an experience I had never encountered before.

It's the start of my journey in this life. Sometimes, we get wrapped up chasing material things, working tirelessly, and sacrificing time with our loved ones. But what truly matters are those moments spent with family, friends, or simply in our own company. That's where I find the real treasure and meaning in life. This is an illustration portraying the journey, capturing the moments of what we observe and experience along the way.

Dreamer - The idea of home varies across generations. For some, it's a house or a condo, a physical space. For others, it's simply a place to find peace. Personally, as long as I'm with my family, that's where home is for me. It could be anywhere, any size; what matters is the joy and laughter it holds. Home isn't about permanence—it's about those moments that light up our lives. We all dream of that perfect place to rest and stay. Even a small tent by a campfire at a campsite not only ignites joy and laughter but also kindles dreams beneath the open sky. That, to me, is a slice of home.

A spot where you find peace, a space to dream without limits. Whether in the bustling city or surrounded by nature's beauty, it's all about what brings you comfort in that very moment. It's about being a dreamer, and that illustration captures where our dreams take flight.

Camper(s) - "Are we there yet?" That classic question echoes through every road trip, especially when parents are behind the wheel for what feels like forever. Every parent hopes their kids will doze off during the drive, but the reality? It's a whole set of challenges along the road. Campers, on their breaks from work, relish those moments spent at various campsites with their families. It's hours of preparation, packing in everything imaginable for the trip, all in the hopes of creating those unforgettable family memories.

Every time I go on a road trip, my car becomes a place full of gadgets and snacks for the journey. Those long drives, especially with the whole family, are like big adventures with their own challenges. But when we finally get to where we're going, everything just feels right, like all the hard work was worth it. Those moments become memories I'll never forget, captured quickly by my camera. Looking at those pictures, it's like stepping into another world, and I wonder how many more amazing memories are waiting for us. I even illustrated it to see if other parents feel the same way. Time goes by fast, so I try to enjoy every single moment along the way.