Why don't designers tell secrets?

Because the best ones are always under NDA!

As a UX/Visual Designer, my journey is shaped by creativity and user-centric innovation. Although NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) agreements keep the full stories under wraps, I'm eager to give you a flavor of the dynamic projects that have sparked my passion and skills in the design world. Below you'll find a selection of projects that I've undertaken over the past decade. Please note that this is not an exhaustive list of all my work, but it highlights some key experiences and achievements.

Selected UX/UI projects

Ozempic Migration Core platform optimization

Platform initial design system

FinTech Ecosystem platform

Keep Your Balance platform

Ecoplan platform

Website & Start My RESP platform

Iconography, mockups

MDL Bank CORE360 platform

UI enhancements & game asset

Web design, video editing

Selected visual projects

Client Presentation

Full package of Bank and Visa statements

In-App advertisement graphic

Client Presentation

Seasonal store graphic

Store promotional graphic

Seasonal store graphic

Large dimension poster

Store menus

Bank Statement

Bank Statement

Bank Statement

Condo Center display