2015 Illustration (Professional) Winner of Creative Quarterly CFE 39

Every piece has its importance, especially when I blend them to tell a whole new story through observation. That time was a turning point in my design journey. I remember starting in early 2014, just out of university, diving into creating a unique graphic style. I leaned towards simplified graphics to bring my ideas to life. It was all about making sure my designs were crystal clear and getting my message across to the audience without any fuss.

There's nothing quite like digging into ice-cold watermelon, especially when it's fresh out of the fridge. That feeling of satisfaction hits the peak every time. Each bite is like scaling up a snow-covered mountain, and with every juicy, refreshing taste, it's like reaching the summit of flavor.

"Say cheese" – that's the phrase we'd use when snapping a picture of someone else, a cue to get those smiles going. As technology advanced, the instant camera became a massive hit. You'd click a photo, and voila! A printed picture would pop out automatically. Ever wonder if the camera responded to our request? Imagine if it produced a piece of cheese instead of a photo—just like we asked for! That'd be something, wouldn't it?

Every time I walk past a house covered in morning glory, I can't help but see them as nature's speakers, like they're singing to us as we go by. It's like they've got their little melody. Then, the other day, I was walking by a vintage store and noticed a phonograph on display. Suddenly, it brought back memories of those morning glories I saw on my way back home.

In 2015, "Baby Shark" wasn't on anyone's radar. The big shark-related names were "Jaws" and Shark Week. However, just because sharks were seen as scary and perilous doesn't mean they're always that way. Since we often see sharks on TV, why not turn the TV into a fish tank and make it a pet's home?

Since first grade, I've been into gaming, and I even had an original Gameboy console. The screen resolution of that console brings to mind the pixel resolution in Photoshop. This thought sparked a memory of quotes I've seen online about how some people believe design is simply pressing a few buttons on a keyboard. Well, I'll simplify it even further. Let's craft a design using a game console. I'm convinced this is way easier than designing with a keyboard.

While working on a project at a coffee shop, I noticed a child holding a donut and peeking through the hole. It got me thinking—what could she see from that perspective? Perhaps a world filled with candies or ice cream, or maybe a world brimming with endless opportunities to explore. It could even be a moment that becomes a cherished memory for that child.

When I worked in downtown Toronto, Friday nights were my chance to dine out, a little treat after a week of hard work. Sushi was my go-to for dinner during these outings. Once, at a Japanese restaurant, I witnessed a man proposing to a lady with a ring and flowers in hand. There I was, holding a sushi handroll, watching the whole thing. It got me thinking—what if the bouquet was a massive sushi handroll? Would that sway her to say yes?

Occasionally, I enjoy sipping a cold drink outside during winter. It might sound a bit wild. I tried it once in a -40ºC area. Picture this: the whole "ecosystem" in a cup, fish swimming around, and a polar bear navigating the ice. Then, in just a few seconds, that entire system ends up in your stomach, and everything melts due to the temperature. Does that ring a bell with what we're going through right now?

Back in the past, receiving mail used to bring immense excitement. Today, the thrill of getting mail has transformed due to our daily lives. Can you still recall the sheer joy of receiving something in the mail? Does that excitement compare to when you receive digital correspondence?

If you know what this is, you're no longer considered young. It's like a tiny personal vault where you can only keep a few things. When our kids ask about it, we simply explain that it's a photo stored in a secure physical format.

How do I power this up? How do I swipe to unlock it? Seems like this thing isn't capable of connecting to a 5G network or checking our social media feeds. But there's a silver lining—this gadget operates with just 2 AA batteries and lasts longer than any of our handheld devices.