Client Profile

Prime Cattle Steak House, set to make its grand debut in Calgary, offers an exceptional dining experience for those seeking a winning combination: exceptional wine, delightful pasta, and exceptional steak. Their menu is a delightful medley of flavors, showcasing carefully crafted pasta dishes inspired by traditional recipes and top-quality, perfectly grilled steak cuts. At Prime Cattle, you can expect an extraordinary culinary journey. Their extensive wine selection includes well-known classics and hidden gems, ensuring a perfect match for every dish. Whether celebrating a special occasion or enjoying a casual night out, Prime Cattle combines the finesse of a wine bar, the coziness of a pasta eatery, and the excellence of a steakhouse, all in one stylish setting.

Project Overview

Prime Cattle Steak House would like to create a memorable brand identity that reflects the essence of its establishment, which focuses on fine dining, exceptional wine, delightful pasta, and premium steak. The branding design will serve as the visual representation of our restaurant and help us establish a unique and appealing presence in the culinary landscape.


The primary objective of this branding design project is to create a visually compelling brand identity for Prime Cattle Steak House that resonates with its target audience. Their visual identity should aim to communicate their commitment to providing an unparalleled dining experience that blends quality services, comfort, and excellence under one roof.

Target Market

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Early Stage of Visual Identity

Create a unique and adaptable logo that captures the essence of Prime Cattle Steak House. The logo should work well across different uses, such as on signs, menus, and promotional materials.

Beginning with the initial brainstorming sketch, the purpose of this process is to create a visual concept that establishes the creative direction.​​​​​​​

In the initial round, I present my clients with options. Given that the business is a new entrant in the business landscape, establishing a fresh visual identity is crucial to ensure that the brand distinguishes itself from the prevailing trends. It's worth noting that in Calgary, a significant number of logo designs tend to embrace a vintage aesthetic. While this may reflect a trend or cultural preference in the city, the business' commitment lies in pioneering change and becoming a trailblazer within the industry. This proactive approach is integral to achieving success in our business endeavors.

Due to the multiple owners of the new business, it took about a week for them to decide which direction to take for our brand. Approximately a week later, they informed me that they preferred the one with elements of steak, pasta, and wine. They believe that this design has the potential to represent their quality services, and they can envision it on the store sign and menu.

Final Stage of Visual Identity

To improve the logo's aesthetics, I introduced 3D elements, which were surprisingly embraced by the owners as the definitive logo choice, alongside an unexpected decision to restrict the color scheme to black, white, and grayscale. Now, my next step involves selecting a clean, minimalist, and elegant typeface that will ensure uniformity in text across our signage, menu, stationery, and website.

Texta is a versatile and contemporary sans-serif font with a humanistic touch, characterized by its rational and transparent design. This font family boasts an impressive 32 styles, making it an excellent choice for business applications. Its extensive style range provides businesses with ultimate options for crafting marketing materials, designing websites, and creating eye-catching signage.

The logo comes in two variations to accommodate different applications. One version is designed for use in landscape format, while the other is tailored for vertical formats. This ensures that the logo maintains its visual appeal and effectiveness across a range of settings and orientations.